What Is The Subplot In Fiction Writing?

What Is The Subplot In Fiction Writing?


In fiction a subplot is a secondary strand of the plot that is a supporting side story for any story or the main plot subplots may connect two main plots in either time and place or in thematic significance subplots often involve supporting characters those besides the protagonist or antagonist subplots are distinguished from the main plot by taking up less of the action having fewer significant events occur with less impact on the world of the work and occur into less important characters

subplots definitionin screenwriting a subplot is referred to as a B story or a see story etc in William Shakespeare’s play Henry for part 3 the main plot concerns Henry’s growth from how the prince to Henry the king and the reconquest of French territory a subplot however concerns Falstaff’s participation in the battles Falstaff and Henry needed several points and Falstaff is a familiar of Henry’s but otherwise his plot and Henry’s do not mix even though the plots may be somatically connected they are not connected in action in Shakespeare’s play King Lear the main plot describes how Lear disowns his faithful daughter Cordelia and divides his kingdom between his treacherous older daughters guttural and Regan

however there is a subplot involving the Earl of Gloucester and his two sons Edgar and the illegitimate Edmund Edmund tricks Gloucester into thinking the faithful Edgar is plotting against him causing Edgar to flee this subplot reflects the main events of the plot that is fathers mistaken their good and bad children however the events mingle Goneril and Regan fall in love with Edmund after he becomes Earl and in the rewrite of the play by nom Kate Edgar marries Cordelia at the end

in the main plot of the suspense film rear-window 1954 a photographer is apartment bound due to his broken leg and begins spying on his neighbors through their windows visible across a courtyard and comes to believe that a Salesman has killed his wife the film also features several subplots including the photographer’s relationship with his high society girlfriend who is pressuring him for marriage and the developments in the other apartments for example a songwriter struggles to finish his latest composition

define subplots

a lonely woman attempts suicide when no single story dominates a narrative as an alexander solzhenitsyn novel cancer ward the plots will not be distinguished into the main plot and subplots because of their brevity short stories and to a large extent novellas usually contain no subplot the 1998 videogames and a jeers is famous for having 14 different plot lines which ones are main plots on which our subplots can only be distinguished by the influence that the characters involved have over the game setting and the other characters

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